Monday, 30 January 2012

The Boreal Forest in Newfoundland (Canada)

The type of ecosystem is a Tundra Cumal.
The temperature in summer is around the 10º and in winter
months temperatures can drop to -40C or even lower.
The Boreal Forest of Newfounand is located in Canada.
The precipitation along the year in summer is of 300-850mm.
There we can find granite,sedimentary rocks,sandstones,volcanic rock and metamorphic rocks.
About fauna, we can see black bears, snowhoe, hares, lynx, shrew, pine marten, squirrels, mosse, wood pecker and a numerous number of animals more. But that’s not all, we also can see balsan fir, bed maple, white birch, black spruce and many others around de forest.

Leaves > small caterpillars > greenfly > lady birds > sparrow > hawk

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