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Mohave, Arizona ( USA )

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Mohave desert:
The Mojave Desert is defined between mountain ranges and it also has numerous mountain ranges within it. They often create valleys, basins , salt pans and saline lakes when precipitation is high enough. These mountain ranges and valleys are part of the basins and range province and the great Basin. Most of the valleys are drained, so all precipitation that falls does not eventually flow to the ocean. Some of the Mohave is within Colorado plateau . This area is known for its incised canyons, high mesas and plateaus.

The Mojave Desert receives less than 330 mm of rain a year and is generally between 610 and 1,500 m in elevation. The Mojave Desert also contains the Mohave National Preserve , as well as the lowest and hottest place in North America , where the temperature surpasses 49 ºC in late July and early August. Despite its aridity, the Mojave has long been a center of alfalfa production, fed by irrigation coming from groundwater and from the california aqueduct.
The Mojave is a desert of extreme temperatures . Winter months bring temperatures to around −7 °C on valley floors, and below −18 °C at higher elevations. Storms can bring rain and in some places even snow, the rain shadow created by the Sierra nevada bring only clouds and wind. In longer periods between storm systems, winter temperatures in valleys can approach 27 °C .

Some examples are : 

Some examples are:


White Wooly Daisy - Cottonnail Rabbit - Glossy Snake - Coyote.

Some photos :                                                  This is the situation of the desert in the map :

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