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Virunga national park (Congo).

                  Virunga National Park

The Virunga National Park, before called The Albert National Park, is situated  in The Democratic Republic of Congo.This park is a perfect example for a mediterranean forest.In this park, the are three main types of habitats : open terrestial habitat, forest habitat and the mountain habitat.
· Open terrestial habitat : The Chrysochloa Orientalis, cover by grass, the small savannah of Themeda Triandra and the meadows of rivera with swamp plants like Cyperus Papyrus.
· Forest habitat : the bushes around the lake Rutangize and in the mount Misali, the equatorial forest in the middle of the north sector and the dense forest of mountains from 1.800 to 2.300 metres in Rwenzori.
· Moutain habitat : the Arundinaria Alpina bamboo forest, the Hagenia Abyssinica forest cover of shrubs, mix with perennial trees like Peucedanum Kerstenii and upper stratum of weeds.

The annual temperature averages around 26.7 ° C in the lower areas of the center, with high temperatures in the warmer months, from February to April. In areas with altitudes above 1,550 m, annual temperature is 18.9 º C. The rate of annual rainfall is about 1,524 mm in the north and 1,270 in the south.
The ground is fertil so there are a lot of plants.
There is a lot of humidity.
There is air.

Before the civil war there were two hundred of mammals, twenty three of them were in danger of exititon.
The savannah mantained , in 1960 , like 3.000 elephants , and then in 1998 there were less than 500 examples . Other species that have been proven of its population are 22 species of primates and leopard .
Other animals that we can see in this park are : lions and buffalos . We can also see gorillas that suffered with the world . They were 630 examples in 1980 to be 280 gorillas in 1981.
Virunga has got a big diversity of birds . There had been 706 species , 24 of them are endemic of the Virungas.There is a big number of pelicans , there are also lots of storks species , also different species of ducks . Between strange birds we can see the crested shrike yellow crest. In this park we can see 109 species of reptiles and 78 anphibians. Cocrodiles have apeard again in the river Semliki.

By Iris Atienza , Carolina Colmenar, David Portela ,Jaime Barzano and Rut Fournier

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