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Five ways in which farms plants have been improved using G.E. AndreaR,LLerena,DanielC,saraC,sergio,lauraA

GENETIC ENGINEERING: Five ways in which farms plants have been improved using genetic engineering.
  Genetic engineering is the technology which controls and transfers the DNA from one organism to another, this make possible the creation of new species, the correction of genetic defects and the formation of many compounds.
This method is used for many improvements, one of them is the improved of farms plants. We are going to explain 5 ways using the G.E in plants.

·        1ST- long-lasting tomato.
It was the first element in which this type of technology was used; it was the first one to be sold in the market in 1994 USA.
It consisted on the inserting ‘Protoplasto’  in the tomato, and with that, the tomato will last more time and in this way the tomato won’t create certain substances which accelerate the descomposition of it.
Advantage: farmers can collect everything at the same time.
Disadvantages: The fist tomato in which they use teh G.E, contains many genes  that didn’t allow the doctors to create an antibiotic to cure diseases

·        2ND corn insecticide.
Bacillus Thuringiensis is a bacteria used by Scientists, which contains a certain protein that kills insects. In this way, they created like an “insecticide”, which consisted of a poison that kills the insects that attacks the corn, but it doesn’t kill the plant. It means that if an insect tries to eat it, it will die immediately.

So, injecting this type of insecticide in the corn, farmers won’t need to use any other insecticide to prevent insects. Now it is also used with cotton, potato and tomato.

For example, insecticides have been used in agriculture and harvest since thirty years ago.

·        3RD plants resistant to herbicide.
It also contais the bacteria “Bacillus Thuringiensis “ chich in this case, itallows you to eliminate the bad grass and those types of width leaves and the growing of bad plants, using herbicide without damaging the crops. 

·        4TH golden rice (arroz dorado)
·      It is genetically modified rice which contains a high “Betacarontero” which inside the organism changes into vitamin A. so when we ate golden rice we get more vitamin rice. The bectacarontene gives the orange colour to carrots;: this is the reason why the genetically modified rice is golden. For the rice to create betacarontene three new genes are implanted; 2 from daffodils and the other from a bacteria.

·        5TH Transgenic coffee
Using G.E, the transgenic coffee is more soluble ,has more smell ,less caffeine and increase the productivity .

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